Complete Slickline Service

Quinn Well Control Inc. has operations in Grande Prairie and Edson, Alberta. In each of these areas we have experienced managers along with highly experienced crews to assist our clients on a 24hr basis.

Our clients can rest assured once “Quinn” has been contacted we have a team that reviews the task, prepares the proper equipment with a backup plan to get the job done professionally, efficiently and cost effectively.

Swab Units

Quinn Well Control Inc. offers a Production Swabbing Service from our Edson and Grande Prairie bases. Our mobile swab rigs with 1⁄4”, 7/32” swab lines are designed to swab down production flow lines with minimal line pack pressure or into a Quinn supplied production containment vessel. Our experienced crews on our swab rigs can also provide heavy pulling Slickline Services for plunger lift assemblies in the wellbore.

Well Optimization

Quinn Well Control Inc. has a new “Optimization” service to offer our clients which includes:

  • Surface Acquisition Data Logger in conjunction with live data service to our clients.
  • Fluid level determined service.
    • Shooting fluid levels
    • Surface pressure data logging for monitoring fracs on multi well pads

Login: Secure Client Surface Data Acquisition

Specialty Services

Quinn Well Control Inc. has been in the downhole specialty business since 1994 with the original Quinn Well Control Ltd. We have designed, built and patented tools for specialty well control situations such as the Miniature Bridge Plug which can be as small as 7/8” OD for coil tubing to 1-3/4”. We also carry Retrievable Bridge Plugs for 60.3mm, 73mm, and 3-1/2” tubing, with a wide range of setting tools to set the Retrievable or Composite Bridge Plugs in horizontal wells as clients require.

Specialty Services
E-Line Services

E-Line Services

Quinn Well Control Inc. is expanding our service line to better meet our clients’ needs. Quinn has custom built a Combination Tri-Axle Unit offering Slickline, Braided Line and E-Line services with 10K psi pressure control. This unit has been designed to provide a wide range off downhole services using any of the four spools of cable currently installed on its drums.